2 Awesome Lunar New Year Cocktails Ideas

It’s that time of the year when red packets are given and received, when questions about your marital status are asked, and when the nation suddenly goes on a bak-kwa eating frenzy. It’s the Lunar New Year, a time when your family and friends gather to make merry and spread festive cheer. But instead of … Continue reading

3 Thanksgiving Cocktails to Give Thanks for

Here in Singapore, we don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Which, incidentally, is today. However, that shouldn’t stop us from indulging in a little bit of Thanksgiving creativity when it comes to cocktails. Don’t worry. There will be no turkey martinis or stuffing margaritas tonight. OR WILL THERE? No. None of that. But just imagine this … Continue reading

5 Vodkas with Insane Flavours

  You know how sometimes you wish vodka had more taste? Well, the people behind these vodkas agree. Except that instead of boring old citrus and apple flavours, they have decided to go with absolut-ly insane flavour choices. Meat-flavoured vodka? Sure, why not. Vodka that tastes like nightmares? Yes, let’s go with that. Here’s 5 … Continue reading

3 Cocktails That You Should Order To Impress Your Bartender

  The next time you’re at a bar, resist the temptation to answer “A Whiskey Coke, please” when asked what drink you would like.  Instead, confidently ask for the following cocktails to impress your bartender. If your local watering hole doesn’t serve these, fret not. You can always mix them in the comfort of your … Continue reading