2 Awesome Lunar New Year Cocktails Ideas

It’s that time of the year when red packets are given and received, when questions about your marital status are asked, and when the nation suddenly goes on a bak-kwa eating frenzy. It’s the Lunar New Year, a time when your family and friends gather to make merry and spread festive cheer. But instead of … Continue reading

Find Out How Your Favourite Alcohol Is Made: An Infographic

You love drinking alcohol. We all do. But have you ever wondered how your favourite alcohol is made? How is beer made? How is vodka made? Why do frat boys love Jägermeister? Come on brah. Just one more shot of  Jäger. What are you, a loser? Adam Lapetina of Thrillist has all of the answers. Except for the Jäger one. … Continue reading

3 Socially Responsible Innovations in Alcohol

The next time someone gets on your case for drinking too much, tell him or her that you’re actually doing your part for society. Or technically, supporting companies that are doing their bit for social responsibility while providing you with sweet, sweet alcohol. Here are three socially responsible innovations in the world of alcohol. Eco-Friendly … Continue reading

How to Make the Best Eggnog

Christmas is just around the corner, and nothing screams jolly holiday alcohol-fuelled festivities like getting your alcoho-ho-hol on with a mug of eggnog. There are a million recipes on the Internet that claim to be the perfect eggnog recipe, but we’re going with this one from Imbibe. They know a thing or two about tasty … Continue reading

Sriracha Vodka: Because The World Needs Another Novelty Hot Sauce-Based Vodka

We’ve seen our fair share of novelty vodkas this year. There was the Naga Chilli Vodka. We also covered some of the some of the world’s truly weird vodkas. What else can they make into a vodka? We’re glad you asked. Feast your eyes on this. Via FlipFlopNinja It’s the Blazing Chicken of Fiery Poultry-ness itself. … Continue reading

The Optimal Way to Drink Whiskey

  “The optimal way to drink whiskey? That’s not even a real question. Straight from the bottle, amirite?” “C’mon, brah. Just chug it.” -Steve No, Steve. No. Chugging a bottle of whiskey will burn your tongue off because whiskey anesthetises your tastebuds if you drink it neat. While proponents of drinking whiskey neat will tell … Continue reading

The Sub: Making Your Fridge Obsolete for Keeping Beer Cold

That’s Heineken’s brand new toy up there.  It’s being touted as the latest must-have home appliance for perfectly ice-cold beers right in the comfort of your own home. The Sub is a collaborative effort between Heineken, Krups and designer Marc Newson. The whole idea of it is that it can provide you with a pint of ice-cold … Continue reading

3 Cocktails to Pop Your Cherry Liqueur With

Cherries in Mouth

Cherries are like Nature’s perfect fruits. Sweet, tart and beautifully red, they go with everything from pies to steaks. Seriously though, try a steak with a wine and cherry sauce. It’s amazing. Your mouth will thank you. Just, just look at it. I mean. Seriously. Cherry liqueurs are often dismissed as being too sweet and … Continue reading

Harry Potter and the Quest for the Perfect Butterbeer

Butterbeer Barrel

(http://shuttertron.wordpress.com) J.K. Rowling has given the world many great things with her Harry Potter series. From memorable quotes and imaginative characters to awesome spells and the blossoming of Emma Watson, we should be thankful to J.K. Rowling for bestowing upon us the gift of the Potter. But the one thing that has always excited us … Continue reading

3 Awesome Beer Cocktails To Try This Week

Beer bottles

Beer is awesome. Nothing beats a tall, frosty mug of ice-cold beer after work. Except maybe two mugs of ice-cold beer. Or three. But sometimes, you feel just a little bit adventurous. Sometimes you just want to spice things up in your life. You want that mug of beer to be more than just a … Continue reading