Halloween Drinking Games for a Frightfully Good Time

We’re continuing our All Hallows’ Eve celebration with more alcohol-fueled shenanigans. This week, we delve into the world of drinking games, with a Halloween twist. SPOOKY!   Just a cold one enjoying a cold one. Get it? Cold? Cause he’s a zombie? And they don’t generate body heat? No? Question: When I say “Halloween”, what … Continue reading

3 Rum-based Cocktails That Captain Jack Sparrow Would Approve Of

  When I say “rum”, what do you say? If you said “-butan”, congratulations, while the spelling is slightly off, you know your tropical fruits. However, today we are not talking about red, hairy fruits. Instead we are talking about rum, a distilled alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane. A perennial favourite of pirates, fictional and … Continue reading

3 Tips On Hosting Your Very Own Cocktail Party

Hosting your very own cocktail party is one tough task. It doesn’t only require superb organisational skills, it also needs good hosting talent. If you are about to throw your very first cocktail party and you are eager on making the whole event perfect, but are just clueless on how to do so, don’t worry! … Continue reading