3 of the World’s Weirdest Cocktails and Where to Find Them

Cosmopolitans and Martinis are nice, but they’re also kinda boring sometimes. Right? Sometimes, you just want to throw caution to the wind and money at the bartender. Just to try something new. Something exciting. Something different. Just like Michael Jordan’s baseball career. It was… different. But unlike Mike’s ill-fated baseball career, cocktails headed in a … Continue reading

3 Cocktails to Pop Your Cherry Liqueur With

Cherries in Mouth

Cherries are like Nature’s perfect fruits. Sweet, tart and beautifully red, they go with everything from pies to steaks. Seriously though, try a steak with a wine and cherry sauce. It’s amazing. Your mouth will thank you. Just, just look at it. I mean. Seriously. Cherry liqueurs are often dismissed as being too sweet and … Continue reading

3 Awesome Beer Cocktails To Try This Week

Beer bottles

Beer is awesome. Nothing beats a tall, frosty mug of ice-cold beer after work. Except maybe two mugs of ice-cold beer. Or three. But sometimes, you feel just a little bit adventurous. Sometimes you just want to spice things up in your life. You want that mug of beer to be more than just a … Continue reading

3 Pairs Of Cocktail Terms That You Should Never Get Wrong

Cocktails are awesome. Most of the time, they come in pretty colours and they taste like a tiny bit of heaven, served in a chilled glass. But due to the myriad ways you can enjoy a cocktail, many people often get their cocktail terms all mixed up, like a hilarious alcoholic version of Lindsay Lohan’s … Continue reading

Cocktail Terms: How do you measure one part?

Unlike beer, which comes ready to serve cans or bottles, cocktails aren’t ‘ready to drink’ (Unless of course you buy those ready shaken mixers – but of course fresh cocktails are always best.) When it comes to preparing cocktails or using a app to help you do so, there are certain terms you will need … Continue reading

Wanna be a bartender? Here are some skills you ought to pick up!

If starting a successful bartending career is the ultimate dream of your life then you’ve gotta learn some, if not all, of the bartending techniques known to men. But before you dream of learning how to juggle those bottles and make those great cocktails, you first need to learn the basic skills every bartender wanna-be … Continue reading