Find Out How Your Favourite Alcohol Is Made: An Infographic

You love drinking alcohol. We all do. But have you ever wondered how your favourite alcohol is made? How is beer made? How is vodka made? Why do frat boys love Jägermeister?

Scumbag SteveCome on brah. Just one more shot of  Jäger. What are you, a loser?

Adam Lapetina of Thrillist has all of the answers. Except for the Jäger one. That one is a mystery for the ages.

Bourbon Whiskey


Flickr/Kyle May


Flickr/Quinn Dombrowski

Beer MadeFlickr/Quinn Dombrowski




Wikipedia/Tomasz Sienicki 

For more sweet infographics about the manufacturing process of your favourite types of alcohol, check out the rest at Thrillist.

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