3 Socially Responsible Innovations in Alcohol

The next time someone gets on your case for drinking too much, tell him or her that you’re actually doing your part for society. Or technically, supporting companies that are doing their bit for social responsibility while providing you with sweet, sweet alcohol. Here are three socially responsible innovations in the world of alcohol.

Bottled plants

Eco-Friendly Wine

In 2007,  Whole Foods Market introduced a new range of eco-friendly Green Path wines. According to Luxist, the Green Path wines are made with certified organic grapes using a growing process with minimal environmental impact and “bottled” in Tetra Pak Tetra Prisma packaging. The wines being sold are a 2006 Chardonnay and a 2006 Shiraz from Australia, sourced from Organic One Wines. Now you can swirl the taste of environmental friendliness in your mouth. Nothing feels better than a tall glass of knowing that you’re doing right by the planet.

Plant a Tree with Every Bottle of Vodka Bought

TRU Organic Vodka promises to plant a tree for every bottle of vodka bought.It is a brilliant marketing move. If you are into downing bottles of vodka like they are going out of style, why not help make the world a greener place while you are at it? TRU Organic also pretty much takes their eco-friendly endeavour to every aspect of their business. Their bottles use 25% less glass than regular vodka bottles, their labels are printed on corn fibre using soy-based ink and all closures are synthetic and recyclable.

Beer Waste to Biofuel

In 2009, Southern California brewery Sierra Nevada announced a partnership with E-Fuel to turn their beer waste into ethanol using the Efuel100 Micro Fueler. This ethanol was primarily be used to power on-site vehicles at Sierra Nevada. Having said that, imagine a world where all of our vehicles ran on beer waste. Just imagine that. Booze-powered cars.

Flintstones CarJust imagine this, but instead of feet, it’s powered by beer. 

According to Tree Hugger, Sierra Nevada also sells 1.6 million gallons of beer waste to farmers annually to use as dairy feed. So they’re doing their bit for the world.

You, too can do your part to save the world. Or at least, your parties. This January, Drinkdings is offering an Advanced Bartending Masterclass (18 Jan) where you can  learn techniques such as Layering, Garnishes, and Understanding your Drinks. Just head to http://www.drinkdings.com to sign up and tell them CocktailSG sent you!

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