Sriracha Vodka: Because The World Needs Another Novelty Hot Sauce-Based Vodka

We’ve seen our fair share of novelty vodkas this year. There was the Naga Chilli Vodka. We also covered some of the some of the world’s truly weird vodkas. What else can they make into a vodka?

We’re glad you asked.

Feast your eyes on this.


Via FlipFlopNinja

It’s the Blazing Chicken of Fiery Poultry-ness itself. It’s Sriracha Hot Sauce. Now as a vodka flavour.

As everybody knows, nothing goes better with vodka than hot sauce. And there’s no hot sauce currently more in vogue than the hot sauce with the red rooster.


UV Sriracha is the first Sriracha-flavored vodka, capitalising on the craze that saw Lays introduce Sriracha-flavored potato chips earlier this year. And Sriracha sandwiches at every deli. And Sriracha merchandise.

Sriracha Tee

This is tee-lightful. Yeah, okay that was a terrible pun.  

UV Sriracha Vodka is made with its own proprietary blend of chillies, garlic and other vegetables. It’s being billed as an easy and flavourful way to add a spicy kick to savoury cocktails, like the Bloody Mary. Or maybe just a really good drink to have if you want to punish yourself. We won’t judge you.

According to the company, “the nose has a blend of chilli peppers, including the hotter red chilli pepper and the more subtle green chilli pepper. UV Sriracha has a pepper character that hits you right up front, which is very quickly followed by the hot pepper. The heat stays mainly on the front of the tongue. It is buffered by the green pepper so the spice comes through, without offensive heat.”

What that means is that this vodka is spicy, but it won’t destroy your soul the way the Naga Chilli Vodka will.

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