The Family Tree of Bourbon


No, we’re not talking about the historical family of Bourbon. Although, they are admittedly pretty cool.

Henry IVJust look at King Henry IV. A true badass poses for a painting in full armour.

No, today it’s not about them. Today, we’re talking about the whiskey from the United States. Particularly, the South. Essentially the bourbon-producing capital of the world, it’s still amazing to see that almost all of the bourbon in the world comes from just a few mega-distilleries. What that means is whether you’re drinking Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark or Booker’s, they’re all from the same distillery.

On a side note, bourbon is named after the House of Bourbon. So there’s that. Seriously, how badass do you have to be before you get a type of whiskey named after your lineage?

Anyway, as reported by GQ:

“Kentuckians like to tell you that 95 percent of the world’s bourbon comes from their state. What they won’t tell you is that pretty much every last drop of that bourbon comes from a handful of conglomerate distilleries. In this chart—excerpted from The Kings County Distillery Guide to Urban Moonshining, on shelves now—the guys behind Brooklyn’s oldest craft distillery parse out, once and for all, the complicated kissing cousins of the bluegrass state’s bourbon industry.”

Check out the amazing chart below.

Bourbon Family Tree Large

Via GQ.

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