3 Thanksgiving Cocktails to Give Thanks for

Here in Singapore, we don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Which, incidentally, is today. However, that shouldn’t stop us from indulging in a little bit of Thanksgiving creativity when it comes to cocktails. Don’t worry. There will be no turkey martinis or stuffing margaritas tonight. OR WILL THERE? No. None of that. But just imagine this … Continue reading

The Optimal Way to Drink Whiskey

  “The optimal way to drink whiskey? That’s not even a real question. Straight from the bottle, amirite?” “C’mon, brah. Just chug it.” -Steve No, Steve. No. Chugging a bottle of whiskey will burn your tongue off because whiskey anesthetises your tastebuds if you drink it neat. While proponents of drinking whiskey neat will tell … Continue reading

The Family Tree of Bourbon

(Via http://myamericandram.wordpress.com/bourbon-whiskey/) No, we’re not talking about the historical family of Bourbon. Although, they are admittedly pretty cool. Just look at King Henry IV. A true badass poses for a painting in full armour. No, today it’s not about them. Today, we’re talking about the whiskey from the United States. Particularly, the South. Essentially the … Continue reading

The World’s Strongest Beer

Beer. The golden elixir. The drink of champions. Also, usually something that you chill out with, a drink you enjoy with your friends while watching a rousing game of football. Or Sex in the City reruns. Whatever floats your boat. Basically, beer is a drink you can relax with. Right?   They’re happy that they … Continue reading