The Sub: Making Your Fridge Obsolete for Keeping Beer Cold

That’s Heineken’s brand new toy up there.  It’s being touted as the latest must-have home appliance for perfectly ice-cold beers right in the comfort of your own home. The Sub is a collaborative effort between Heineken, Krups and designer Marc Newson. The whole idea of it is that it can provide you with a pint of ice-cold … Continue reading

The 3 Most Bizarre Beer Ads Ever

What makes for a good beer ad? Plenty of hot women, slow motion shots of the beer being poured into an ice-cold mug, and possibly a winning smile from the main lead as he takes a satisfying swig from the mug. The winning formula for beer ads since… forever. But sometimes, the marketing guys behind … Continue reading

Halloween Drinking Games for a Frightfully Good Time

We’re continuing our All Hallows’ Eve celebration with more alcohol-fueled shenanigans. This week, we delve into the world of drinking games, with a Halloween twist. SPOOKY!   Just a cold one enjoying a cold one. Get it? Cold? Cause he’s a zombie? And they don’t generate body heat? No? Question: When I say “Halloween”, what … Continue reading

What if horror films had their own beer?

  Halloween is happening at the end of the month, and what better way to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve than with alcohol? To be fair, every holiday should be celebrated with alcohol.   This week, we peek into the world of horror movies and see what it’s like if each slasher flick had its own … Continue reading

What Alcohol Can I Drink If I’m On A Diet?

    (Via   Rock-hard abs and alcohol. It’s the ultimate dream. Drink all the alcohol you want while totally getting shredded abs. Excuse us while we weep a little in sheer admiration of this majestic concept. However, it is but a pipe dream. Drinking copious amounts of alcohol will get you the dreaded beer … Continue reading