4 Amazing Alcoholic Beverages Made From The Strangest Things

Horse and cow

Foreshadowing.  We be getting literary all up in here.

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Everyone knows what most alcoholic beverages are made of. It’s usually various types of grains or fruit that get fermented into delicious alcohol. You’ve probably heard that vodka can be made from potatoes, or that tequila is made from the blue agave plant. That’s interesting, but not too strange. It’s not like people are making alcohol out of shoe wax or horse milk right?

Smiling horse


He knows something you don’t. Or do you?

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Thanks to several ingenious people in the world, you too can enjoy the following soul-altering alcoholic beverages made from the weirdest ingredients.


Mouldy Fruit and Ketchup

Tattooed man carrying a bag of prison wine


Mmm. Prison wine.

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In prison, your access to alcohol is basically a big fat zero. It’s not like you can walk to the prison’s in-house 7-11 to get a six-pack of beer. That’s why pruno, or prison wine, exists. Prisoners make do with whatever they can get. They smuggle the fruits they get during meals and keep them in large plastic garbage bags. Then they let it rot. To sweeten the alcoholic nightmare that they have in the bag, they use whatever is available. That usually means sugar or drink mixes, but also sometimes ketchup.  Yum. And without access to yeast, prisoners just add a few slices of bread into the mix and pray for miracles. After days of fermentation, you get a lovely batch of pruno.


Cow Milk

Vermont White


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Many of you have had Bailey’s with milk before. Not many of you would have thought “Hmm, what if the milk I’m adding is also alcoholic? Holy Zeus, I am a genius!”



“Well done, my son. Milk as an ingredient for alcohol? Shocking! Geddit? Cause I’m Zeus? Shocking? No?”

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Courtesy of the Vermont Spirits distillery, we have here the Vermont White, an alcoholic beverage that is made from milk sugar that’s triple-distilled and filtered through charcoal. It’s sweet and smooth, just like a piece of silk soaked in honey. That’s a thing, right?


Horse Milk



(Via http://en.wikipedia.org)


Not to be outdone by their bovine companions, horse milk can also be used to make alcohol. Kumis is a fermented dairy product traditionally made from mare’s milk. The drink remains important to the peoples of the Central Asian steppes. Kumis is very light in body compared to most dairy drinks. It has a unique, slightly sour flavor with a bite from the mild alcoholic content. It can be described as drinking slightly boozy yoghurt, but even that doesn’t quite get it right. The exact flavour is greatly variable between different producers. Essentially, each batch of kumis is a unique little snowflake that should be savoured.


Baby Mice



Baby mouse wine

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D’awwww, they’re so cute. Actually, no they’re not. They are dead, pickled baby mice in a glass bottle filled with rice wine. While the alcohol itself is made from rice, the fact that baby mice are added for flavour and “health” benefits got this beverage on this list. The baby mice, with their eyes still closed, are stuffed alive into bottles of rice wine. They are then left to ferment for an entire year while their parents put out missing children ads on the side of tiny cereal boxes.

Apparently baby mice wine also tastes like raw gasoline as well, although who would actually be able to describe the taste of raw gasoline is somewhat of a mystery. It’s not like people make it a habit to drink raw gasoline, right? Right?


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