3 Cocktails to Pop Your Cherry Liqueur With

Cherries in Mouth

Cherries are like Nature’s perfect fruits. Sweet, tart and beautifully red, they go with everything from pies to steaks. Seriously though, try a steak with a wine and cherry sauce. It’s amazing. Your mouth will thank you.

Steak with Cherries

Just, just look at it. I mean. Seriously.

Cherry liqueurs are often dismissed as being too sweet and flirty but the people dismissing them are just bitter, bitter men who don’t know any better. A good cherry cocktail will be sweet, smooth and refreshing. Just like a kiss from Emma Watson. Except that said kiss is unlikely to happen, so us mere mortals have to make do with tasty, tasty cherry cocktails instead.

Rupert Grint kisses Emma Watson

Damn you, Rupert Grint.

Let us celebrate the middle of September with these 3 cherry-based cocktails.


Black Forest

Just like the cake it’s named after, the Black Forest cocktail is delightfully sweet yet sinful, rich and decadent. Black Forest cocktails can be made in a variety of ways, but for this recipe, we are going for a more traditional method. Its sweetness masks its potency, so you might have knocked back one too many before you feel the pounding in your head.


1 oz crème de cacao

1 oz cherry liqueur

1 oz cherry brandy

1 oz cream



Shake ingredients together and pour into glass.

Add a little more cream as a floater, then add a cherry.




What’s a Nalgaa? It’s pure deliciousness served in a highball glass, ready to rock your world. It’s an explosion of taste that will refresh you like nothing else in the world today. With only three ingredients, this devilishly delightful drink is decidedly simple to make as well.


2 shots Campari bitters

2 tbsp cherry liqueur

7-Up or Sprite soda



Pour cherry liqueur over four ice cubes in a highball glass, and add the Campari.

Fill with 7-Up, or Sprite, and serve.



Cherry Flip

Cherry what? CHERRY FLIP, BRAH. Not to be confused with the ice skating trick of the same name, the Cherry Flip is practically a whole meal on its own. Feeling slightly hungry but also the need to imbibe some delicious alcohol? The Cherry Flip is here to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.  In fact, a Cherry Flip on its own can be considered a balanced meal. Cherry brandy is made from cherries so that covers the fruit and vegetables part of the meal right? And egg is protein. And sugar is a carb. Why, this is practically a healthy meal replacement!


1 1/2 oz cherry brandy

1 tsp powdered sugar

2 tsp light cream

1 whole egg




Shake all ingredients, except the nutmeg, with ice and strain into a whiskey sour glass.

Sprinkle nutmeg on top and serve.



If you’re too lazy to mix your own drinks, why not check out Drinkdings? Let their professional bartenders mix you some amazing drinks at your home, office or any other event. You can even learn to mix more badass drinks at their workshops!


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