4 Amazing Alcoholic Beverages Made From The Strangest Things

Foreshadowing.  We be getting literary all up in here. (Via http://james-mcwilliams.com)   Everyone knows what most alcoholic beverages are made of. It’s usually various types of grains or fruit that get fermented into delicious alcohol. You’ve probably heard that vodka can be made from potatoes, or that tequila is made from the blue agave plant. That’s … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Beer is Good For You

Mug of beer with a foamy heart

You don’t need reasons to love drinking beer. It’s beer. Of course you love it. But sometimes, it can be nice to explain to those non-believers why beer is such an amazing beverage. In moderation, of course. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing, after all. Except for Clint Eastwood’s sons. Apparently, … Continue reading

3 Cocktails to Pop Your Cherry Liqueur With

Cherries in Mouth

Cherries are like Nature’s perfect fruits. Sweet, tart and beautifully red, they go with everything from pies to steaks. Seriously though, try a steak with a wine and cherry sauce. It’s amazing. Your mouth will thank you. Just, just look at it. I mean. Seriously. Cherry liqueurs are often dismissed as being too sweet and … Continue reading

Harry Potter and the Quest for the Perfect Butterbeer

Butterbeer Barrel

(http://shuttertron.wordpress.com) J.K. Rowling has given the world many great things with her Harry Potter series. From memorable quotes and imaginative characters to awesome spells and the blossoming of Emma Watson, we should be thankful to J.K. Rowling for bestowing upon us the gift of the Potter. But the one thing that has always excited us … Continue reading