Naga Chilli Vodka: The World’s Spiciest Vodka


Bottle of Naga Chilli Vodka

Ah, vodka. Every university student’s first go-to alcoholic beverage after beer. It’s a neutral-tasting liquor that goes great with different mixers. In fact, it’s a key ingredient in numerous cocktails, such as the Caesar, Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, Sex on the Beach, Moscow Mule, White Russian, Black Russian, Vodka Tonic, and the Vodka Martini. On its own, its mild taste may not be as exciting as other liquors.

But what if there was a vodka out there that tasted like a thousand fire scorpions have descended down your gullet in order to lay waste to your digestive system?

Woman placing scorpions in her mouth.


This isn’t as fun as she is making it out to be.


Well, the answer to that is that this exists.

Bottle of Naga Chilli Vodka

Take a look at that bottle again. This is the stuff that nightmares are made of.


This is the 250,000 Scoville Heat Unit Naga Chilli Vodka.

What’s a Scoville Heat Unit, you ask?

Well, that is a unit used to measure the spiciness of chillies. The number of Scoville Heat Units (SHU) indicates the amount of capsaicin present per unit of dry mass. Capsaicin is a chemical compound that stimulates chemoreceptor nerve endings in the skin, especially the mucous membranes. Basically, capsaicin is what makes chillies so spicy and why you end up in tears after eating a chilli padi.

Speaking of the chilli padi, or the Bird’s Eye Chilli as it is known elsewhere in the world, it measures in at 50,000–100,000 SHU. The Naga Chilli Vodka is 2.5X spicier than your hottest chilli padi.

Dwell on that for a while.

James Van Der Beek crying.


This is the correct facial expression to have after having a shot.


It’s a liquid as well, so it actually goes down your throat much faster. Consequently, the burn happens a lot faster as well. There’s no need to chew like you would need to with a chilli, so it goes from the bottle or shot glass to your mouth and into your stomach like a cheetah on fire. This vodka will make you cry hot, fiery tears in seconds.

While other distilleries would tell you all about the heritage of their product and how best to enjoy their fine liquor, The ‘Hot Enough’ Vodka Co. has this to say about the Naga Chilli Vodka:

“We have created a monster, summoned from the very bowels of hell, formed in a vile carboy filled with a horrid mound of Naga Jolokia chillies (the world’s hottest chillies), steeped in grain vodka. We’ve packaged it in a handsome, heavy glass bottle with industrial-grade sealing wire and lead security seal (with a skull and crossbones embossed on it). To get to this bottle, you’ll literally have to open it with wire cutters, but we strongly recommend you don’t. In fact, this unspeakable 250,000 Scovilles vodka is a chilli vodka so horrendous we suggest you don’t even purchase it. Please just shut down your computer and have a nice cup of tea instead. Try to forget what you saw.”

With such strong commendation from the makers of this vodka, you know that you are just dying to try it.

If you’re up to the challenge, you can get your very own bottle of helljuice here.

Tell us what it’s like!

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