Are You Manly Enough To Hoist A Full Stein Of Beer?

Girls hoisting beer steins.

In life, there are very few things that are manlier than the act of lifting something heavy. Grilling meat, possibly. Getting a tattoo that say “I ❤ MY MOM”, maybe. Growing a glorious beard, definitely.

Man with crazy beard.

Behold the glory.

However, today we are not here to discuss lusciously manscaped facial hair. No, today, we are here for Masskrugstemmen, otherwise known as the Bavarian sport of beer stein hoisting.

The rules are devilishly simple: All contestants have to do is to hold a 1-litre stein filled to the top with beer at arm’s length for as long as possible. The arm cannot be bent and must remain parallel to the floor. Any spillage spells disqualification. The winner is the last man, or woman, standing, arm outstretched and unbent, with a full mug of beer held proudly aloft.

Muscular man holding a stein of beer.

This man clearly does not know how Masskrugstemmen works.

While this doesn’t sound particularly daunting, do note that a full litre of beer weighs approximately one kilogram. Add that to the weight of the stein itself, and you are looking at hoisting something that weighs around 2.3 kilograms. In one hand. With your arm parallel to the floor. With no bending allowed. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Lesser men have been known to get the shakes, with their stein arms shuddering so violently that it looks like really angry ghosts have decided to only possess just that one part of their bodies.

According to Beer Universe, the world record stands at 19 minutes. Most people can count themselves lucky and/or incredibly strong if they even manage 6 minutes.  To put that into perspective, to beat the world record, you have to hoist your stein for more than the time it takes to watch Justin Bieber’s Baby music video five and a half times.





Screencap of Justin Bieber's Baby music video
I like the song but five times in a row? No. Four times is alright though.

Masskrugstemmen has slowly been gaining popularity across Europe and the United States over the past few years. Naturally, this sporting event will one day make its way to the sunny shores of Singapore, if it has not already done so. Start your own Masskrugstemmen tournament at your local watering hole or your house party.

The stein-hoisting revolution begins now!


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