Whiskey vs. Whisky: The Origin Story

  Have you ever wondered why some bottles of distilled alcoholic beverages made from fermented grain mash are called whiskey while others are called whisky? Are they “same, same but different” as the saying goes in Thailand? Or was there a massive screw-up at the printers back in the day and this has just been … Continue reading

The Cheat Sheet to Beer: Part 2

Beer, huh, yeah. What is it good for? Absolutely everything. Uh-huh. Welcome to Part 2 of our Cheat Sheet to Beer, designed to let you know a little bit more about the different types of beer out there. Learn the difference between a Stout and a Porter, why Brown Ales taste great with red meat, … Continue reading

The Cheat Sheet to Beer: Part 1

  Ah, beer. The golden nectar of the gods. The sweet elixir of life. The social lubricant of choice. Beer is what makes or breaks a good party. Without the smooth taste of beer, you might as well be throwing a punch at your guests instead of a party. That’s exactly how important beer is. … Continue reading

3 Pairs Of Cocktail Terms That You Should Never Get Wrong

Cocktails are awesome. Most of the time, they come in pretty colours and they taste like a tiny bit of heaven, served in a chilled glass. But due to the myriad ways you can enjoy a cocktail, many people often get their cocktail terms all mixed up, like a hilarious alcoholic version of Lindsay Lohan’s … Continue reading