The Best Glasses to Serve Beer In

All The Beer Glasses


Beer glasses. Without them, we would be pouring beer into other things, like bowls or pots. Shudder. Pots.

Which is why we are all thankful for beer glasses.

The Wrong Kind of Beer Glasses


No, not the kind you put on your face.

When it comes to beer, there are mainly two ways to serve it; straight up from the bottle or in a tall, frosty receptacle. No matter what anyone tells you, paper or plastic cups should never be used to serve beer in. What are we, barbarians?


Beer Barbarian

Of course not. We have disposable income and class on our side.

Just as there are different beers in this beautiful world of ours, so too are there different glasses to serve them in.  Here’s a guide to the best glasses to serve your favourite beer in.

Click for a larger image. But not too large. That would be too excessive. It will be just a larger image, but totally within reason.

Beer Glasses



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