Bar Review: Bar Stories

Bar Stories

Tucked away on the second floor of a Haji Lane shophouse, Bar Stories is a quaint little place that oozes charm and personality. Given its location, we half-expected the place to be swarming with scene kids and hipsters, asking for Jägerbombs or Graveyards. To our pleasant surprise, the bar had a good mix of young adults and expats on the night we were there. Also, no offense to scene kids and hipsters. We love The Temper Trap and As I Lay Dying, too.

At Bar Stories, there’s no such thing as ordering a standard drink. Every drink is a masterpiece lovingly crafted by a team of mixologists. Our bartender for the night was Siva, a paragon of manliness and handsomeness. Watching Siva work his magic behind the bar counter is like watching a master craftsman perfecting his craft. If Siva were a medieval blacksmith, he would have been the one to forge the Excalibur.

This is Siva

Look at that smile. He gets women pregnant just by smiling at them.

Ordering a drink at Bar Stories is as simple as having a conversation with your bartender for the night. Which is exactly what happened. Siva asked us for our preferences in taste and alcohol, and he proceeded to create our very own personalised drinks. Drinks go for around $10 to $30 and all cocktails are made with fresh ingredients.

We were served a Premium Old Fashioned, a Passionfruit Margarita and a Black Forest Mojito.

Old Fashioned Premium

The Old Fashioned was, to say the least, a very strong drink. Made of bitters and whiskey infused with orange peel, it was a drink to celebrate the growth of your full beard with.  Yet for all of its ox-like masculinity, it was also magnificently smooth. Imagine preparing to swallow a cactus, only to find out that it goes down like silken tofu. That’s how amazing this drink is. Strong and smooth, just like my jawline.

Passionfruit Margarita

The Passionfruit Margarita was simply a work of art. A beautiful concoction of passionfruit, green tea liquor, single malt whiskey, whisked egg whites and sweet hazelnut syrup, it was an explosion of sweet and tart. Tasting more like a dessert than a cocktail, the Passionfruit Margarita was full-bodied and appealing, just like the women of the 1950’s.

Black Forest Mojito

The best drink that night was undoubtedly the Black Forest Mojito. Made with mint, rum, lime juice and a veritable forest of mixed berries, this drink hit all the right spots. It was sweet and refreshing, light yet potent. The potency of the cocktail was masked by its incredibly refreshing lightness and sweetness. After two of these drinks, we were feeling slightly light-headed but incredibly happy. Also, on a side note, we had two of these, or rather one and a half of these, because a glass shattered near us. We were quickly offered a replacement drink just in case any stray shards of glass made their way into our glasses. The service at Bar Stories is top notch, is what I’m trying to say.

All in all, we love this place. For a chill night out with a small group of friends, you can do no better than heading down to Bar Stories. And if you have any stories to share about Bar Stories, do let us know.


57A Haji Lane Singapore 189248


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