The Best Glasses to Serve Beer In

  Beer glasses. Without them, we would be pouring beer into other things, like bowls or pots. Shudder. Pots. Which is why we are all thankful for beer glasses.   No, not the kind you put on your face. When it comes to beer, there are mainly two ways to serve it; straight up from … Continue reading

Bar Review: Bar Stories

Tucked away on the second floor of a Haji Lane shophouse, Bar Stories is a quaint little place that oozes charm and personality. Given its location, we half-expected the place to be swarming with scene kids and hipsters, asking for Jägerbombs or Graveyards. To our pleasant surprise, the bar had a good mix of young … Continue reading

3 Rum-based Cocktails That Captain Jack Sparrow Would Approve Of

  When I say “rum”, what do you say? If you said “-butan”, congratulations, while the spelling is slightly off, you know your tropical fruits. However, today we are not talking about red, hairy fruits. Instead we are talking about rum, a distilled alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane. A perennial favourite of pirates, fictional and … Continue reading

3 Frozen Cocktails To Cool You Off This Summer

It’s that time of the year again when Mother Nature decides to show us who’s boss around here. (Hint: It’s her. She’s boss.) The weather’s been somewhat terrible lately, with the sun deciding to punish every living being for existing. Now if you were Veronica Lodge and you had millions of dollars, you could jet … Continue reading