Hangover Help is Here

Hangovers are the worst part of an epic drinking night with your friends. Waking up the next day with a throbbing headache, bloodshot eyes and a churning stomach is something none of us enjoy. With so many purported hangover helpers and “cures” out there, which one should you believe in to soothe the savage beast … Continue reading

3 Cocktails That You Should Order To Impress Your Bartender

  The next time you’re at a bar, resist the temptation to answer “A Whiskey Coke, please” when asked what drink you would like.  Instead, confidently ask for the following cocktails to impress your bartender. If your local watering hole doesn’t serve these, fret not. You can always mix them in the comfort of your … Continue reading

3 Cocktails That Will Put Hair on Your Chest

What’s a cocktail? By its very definition, it’s a mixed alcoholic drink that has at least two ingredients. One of these ingredients has to be a spirit.  So essentially, it’s a spirit-based drink that has been created to taste like heaven in your mouth. But some cocktails aren’t concocted to be a pleasant mix of alcohol and … Continue reading