It’s Not A Trap! Meme based cocktails!

You know memes? Those adorable/weird/annoying pictures and videos on the Internet? Well, one enterprising bar in America has taken them off the web and made them into drinkable form.

AFK Tavern in Washington, USA has designed a meme inspired cocktail menu for all you people who live on Facebook/9Gag. So if you ever want to know what Friday – made famous by Rebecca Black,  Challenge Accepted or a All Your Base are Belong to Us tastes like, you can always hit up this bar.

In addition to that, AFK Tavern here also features a few geek based cocktails. Fans of Harry Potter, Starcraft or Zelda will be pleased to know that cocktails designed around those franchises, among others, are also available.

See below to check out the menus!

via Geekologie

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