Bar Review: Coffee Bar K

Nestled just off the night life hot spot of Clarke Quay, lies a quiant, yet excellent bar. Contrary to its name, Coffee Bar K does not serve coffee. Hailing from Japan, Coffee Bar K has 4 outlets in the world; 2 in Japan, one in Seoul, and one right here in UE Square, Singapore.



Since Coffee Bar K is a Japanese bar, the place serves quite a number of Japanese clients, and professionals who want to impress their clients. But that should not discourage you from visiting it; the bar is also perfect for a quiet surreptitious night out with close friends away.

Cover charge to enter the bar costs $25 dollars, but it is surely worth every cent. Once you are seated, the bartender immediately offers you a hot towel to freshen yourself up. And after you are done with your towels, they bring you plates of chips, edamame and fruits, all while you you are still choosing your drink. Now that is excellent bar service.

For our visit, we ordered a couple of cocktails and whiskeys. First up for me was the classic Bloody Mary. Served in a highball glass, the Bloody Mary was spicy, but not overly so, and had the right amount of smoothness that demanded it to be slowly sipped and savoured. I followed that up with the Moscow Mule. I had never ordered one before, so I didn’t know what to expect; all i knew that the Mule is made with ginger beer and vodka, so I was a bit cautious of the fact that the mule might have an overpowering ginger taste to it. To my surprise, it was very well balanced, with the lime adding a nice counter balance to its flavour.

Next, I had the Sunstory 12 year whiskey, served in a glass with an ice ball in it. A trademark of Japanese bartending, Ice balls are often used in whiskeys because the way the ice ball rolls around apparently cools your drink faster, unlocks the whiskey’s aroma better and doesn’t dilute the whiskey as fast due to the way the ball is shaped. But what is most impressive is the fact that each individual ice ball is handcrafted by the bartender with an ice pick. Talk about dedication to craft.

Perhaps it is due to the fact that Coffee Bar K has limited seats (only 13 seats at the counter and 32 seats for the table) that makes it such a great drinking hole. With a reduced crowd, it makes the environment cosy and intimate, making it a place you love to go back again and again; if not for the cocktails, then for the chilled out yet professional vibe it exudes. Coffee Bar K is definitely a place that all alcohol/beer/cocktail aficionados must visit.

Address: 205 River Valley Road, #01-76 UE Square, Singapore

Cover: $25 dollars



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