Robot beer dispenser makes every hour happy hour


Further proof that the world of alcohol is getting cooler/robots are taking over has just come in. Apparently, someone working for Google by the name of Paul Carff, has developed a robot bartender named ‘Betsy’ that lovingly/sinisterly dispenses beer.

The ‘Kegdroid’ is modelled after the the famous Android mascot that Google phones are famous for, and each of its arms are used as taps for the beer of your choice. At the same time, the droid uses internal sensors to monitor the level of beer left, as well as maintaining its internal temperature to ensure you enjoy your beer cold at all times.

The ‘Kegdroid’ also features a touchscreen for you to select the drink you want, and has an authentication system built in, to prevent the unworthy from having their way with Betsy.

No word if Betsy also features lasers to ward off potential beer thieves.

Hit the video below if you really want to get into the technicalities.



Image capture from Youtube.


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