Cocktails Assemble! Avengers inspired cocktails

The Avengers is a great movie. And if you have not caught it yet, you should totally be ashamed of yourself. (Also, where have you been these last 3 weeks!) But then, you would have a chance to redeem yourself by sipping on one of these Avengers inspired cocktails while watching the movie. The More … Continue reading

Bar Review: Coffee Bar K

Nestled just off the night life hot spot of Clarke Quay, lies a quiant, yet excellent bar. Contrary to its name, Coffee Bar K does not serve coffee. Hailing from Japan, Coffee Bar K has 4 outlets in the world; 2 in Japan, one in Seoul, and one right here in UE Square, Singapore. ; … Continue reading

Robot beer dispenser makes every hour happy hour

  Further proof that the world of alcohol is getting cooler/robots are taking over has just come in. Apparently, someone working for Google by the name of Paul Carff, has developed a robot bartender named ‘Betsy’ that lovingly/sinisterly dispenses beer. The ‘Kegdroid’ is modelled after the the famous Android mascot that Google phones are famous … Continue reading