3 Tips On Hosting Your Very Own Cocktail Party

Anyone can make a cocktail party great. Image from inc.com

Hosting your very own cocktail party is one tough task. It doesn’t only require superb organisational skills, it also needs good hosting talent. If you are about to throw your very first cocktail party and you are eager on making the whole event perfect, but are just clueless on how to do so, don’t worry!  With just 3 simple tips, you can be a great host to your guests.

Overdone decorations are a big no no for any occasion. Image from flickr user annieb.

First, you have to set the mood. This doesn’t mean that you overdo things like decorations and all. Rearranging your furniture so that there’ll be enough space for everyone is good enough. Add some dim lighting, some candles and fresh flowers to accentuate the venue. It will help you achieve a warm atmosphere too. You also need to have alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks ready as well. And, of course, appetisers and finger foods to feed your guests.

Two, you also have to dress appropriately. If you are hosting a formal event then dress formally as well.  It is normally better to be overdressed than underdressed.

One thing you must never forget is welcoming your guests properly. Meet them at your door, offer to hang their coats (or take their bags) for them and show them to where the party is taking place. You have to introduce them to one another too, to make sure that your guests mix with one another.

If you have no bartender with you then serve the drinks yourself. You have to be sure that everyone has a drink in their hands.

And last, but definitely not the least, enjoy your own party. If your guests see that the host is enjoying the event, they are most likely to enjoy it, too.

But if this is too much work for one person to handle, you may want to let Drinkdings handle a part or everything for you.  Drinkdings – Your Mobile Bar SolutionTM – are party and bartending professionals. Drinkdings will handle everything – from the drinks, foods, programming, games and prizes, music and performances.  Drinkdings will serve and entertain your guests as you party with them!


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