Wanna be a bartender? Here are some skills you ought to pick up!

Knowing your bar is knowing these tools by heart.

If starting a successful bartending career is the ultimate dream of your life then you’ve gotta learn some, if not all, of the bartending techniques known to men. But before you dream of learning how to juggle those bottles and make those great cocktails, you first need to learn the basic skills every bartender wanna-be ought to know. These are the first few lessons every bartending school teaches their students.

First is shaking. In bartending, learning how to shake properly is necessary. This is where a bartender uses a cocktail shaker to mix ingredients all together while chilling them in the process.

Then there’s straining. Almost all cocktail shakers come with a built-in strainer, making the job a little easier, but professional bartenders prefer to use a separate strainer, either the Hawthorne or Julep strainer as it gives them greater flexibility in introducing the amount of ice and pulp into the final drink.

Stirring. This is another basic bartending skill that seems easy, but the trick is to stir without making noise and jarring the ambience in the club! With the use of a metal or glass rod, ingredients can be mixed, chilled and diluted at the same time with this simple technique.

Next is muddling. It is the process of extracting the real essence of the fresh ingredients, like fruits, by crushing them with the muddler.

Then there’s blending. With the use of an electric blender, ingredients that cannot be dissolved simply by shaking can be blended. This is a great way to combine all the ingredients while creating a smooth finish to the drink.

Next is building, one of the most tricky among all the basic bartending skills mentioned. This is where ingredients are poured into the glass where it will be served, having them float one on top of another.

All that layering makes for a tasty drink (Image from artofdrink.com)

And there’s layering, of course, something which is closely related to the previous skill, building. This is where ingredients are being layered (or floated) on top of one another. Learning the approximate weight of each liqueur is the trick in this technique. Drinks like the B52 and Rainbow use this method and to separate the different coloured liquers and create the beautiful coloured layers in the drink.

Lastly, we have flaming. Flaming is not only done to look cool. It is done to enhance the flavour of the drink at the same time.

Of course, just simply talking about how to bartend will not help you improve your bartending skills in any way! For a hands-on training on basic bartending skills, why not join Drinkdings at a Drinkdings bartending workshop? Drinkdings – Your Mobile Bar Solution – makes learning bartending a lot of fun for you!


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