Bartenders and fame

Yes, she is a bartender too.

To some, bartending is not just a profession. It is a hobby. A passion. This could be the reason why more and more people are getting hooked on bartending nowadays. And even people who already made it big in their chosen field still practice bartending. They see it as a challenge.

So, who are the famous bartenders you know? These are the people who practice bartending and who are famous either because of bartending or through another profession, and then they take up bartending.

Angie Jakusz: She’s from the United States and is a professional bartender. She got really famous when she joined the reality TV show, Survivor: Palau.

Brandon Paris: A bartender, singer and web designer, Brandon Paris is the lead singer and the front man of the band Brandon Paris Band. He is from Canada.

Andrea Grant: This Canadian-born poet, pin-up model, comic book writer and editor enlisted bartending in her list of professions.

Brandon Quinton: This bartender from the United States gained fame when he joined the reality TV show, Survivor: Africa.

Kathlene Rondot: This American fashion model from Oklahoma also does bartending.

Jasmine Waltz: A bartender who also dreamt of becoming an actress. This aspiring actress is also known to be dating Ryan Seacrest, American Idol’s host.

These are just few of the many famous names in the world of bartending. If you wanna start a new career in bartending and be one of these famous bartenders, why not enroll in any of Drinkdings’ cocktail workshops. We can’t promise that you’ll be a star overnight, become incredibly pretty or handsome or find yourself on TV. But you never know, bartending might just be your key to fame!

(At the very least, you will impress your friends 🙂 )


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