I Choose You!: Pokemon Cocktails anyone?

Picture from the Drunken Moogle

Have you ever seen a cocktail evolve? Well neither have we, until we stumbled upon this cool recipe by the Drunken Moogle. Inspired by the phenomenal video game Pokemon, whose creatures ‘evolve’ in-game, the guys over at the Drunken Moogle created a cocktail that does the same. Essentially the ‘Squirtle’ cocktail is the base of the ‘Wartortle’ one and the 2 drinks form the base of the ‘Blastoise’. Talk about ‘Gotta Catch Them All’. The recipe is as follows:

1/3 shot spiced rum
1/3 shot coconut rum
1/3 shot blue curacao

1/2 shot spiced rum
1/2 shot coconut rum
1/2 shot blue curacao
Fill with Mountain Dew Voltage

1 Squirtle
1 Wartortle
1 shot light rum
Fill with Mountain Dew Voltage 

Directions: For the Squirtle shot, simply pour all three ingredients into a shot glass.  For the Wartortle cocktail, shake the alcoholic ingredients, pour over crushed ice in a lowball glass, then fill with Mountain Dew Voltage.  For the Blastoise cocktail, pour one Squirtle and one Wartortle into a highball glass over ice, add the light rum, then fill with the Mountain Dew.

And if you are a video game fan, you will definitely appreciate the trove of other video-game inspired drinks on their website.

Now excuse me while I go make myself a mana-potion or two…


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