The Perfect Pour: A Beer Pouring Primer

Because every beer deserves a great pour

Although we focus on Cocktails, that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate other types of alcohol. Here’s some tips on our next favourite beverage, Beer.

If you are a beer drinker, you would have experienced that dreaded moment when you realize that you have poured your beer a little too vigorously and you are going to watch some of your sweet suds spill over the edge of the glass and find their way to the early grave that is the floor or even your clothing. Here is a primer on how to get the perfect pour whether you are using bottle beer or drawing from the beertap.

Pouring from the bottle is actually very simple, but yet many people still don’t know how to pour a proper pint. Firstly, you need to make sure that your beer is nicely chilled and has been resting for a while. If you are dealing with a modern, filtered beer then the orientation doesn’t matter but unfiltered or bottle fermented beers should be stored upright so the sediment doesn’t get stirred up too early. Pop the top and let the bottle sit for a second to level out the pressure a bit. Start with a splash in the bottom to create a nice base for the head and then start your pour slowly and trickle down the side of the glass, which you have tilted at a 45 degree angle. When you get to about the end of the pour you need to slowly tilt the glass back upright while continuing to pour. Now is the time to swirl the sediment if you want to.

Pouring from cool beer taps is a little different. Depending on the beer and what kind of beer tap handles you are using it will change. Start with the trickle down the side of the glass until you get to about half full and then rotate the glass to fully upright and place it on the spill tray. Stop the flow when the head gets to about a half inch below the rim. This should allow the head to expand and fill the glass nicely. The video below is one good example of how you can dispense beer from a beer tap.

That’s your primer. And of course, the most fun part about learning this skill is the practice sessions. So grab a few friends and pour yourselves a few glasses. You know what they say, practice makes perfect.


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