5 Easy Steps to Homemade Cocktail Infusions

via phrenologist on flickr

Cocktail infusions are all the rage right now and what better that to impress your guests with your very own personalised concoction, that you cannot buy anywhere else in the world?  Cocktail infusions are essentially fruit-essence liquor, also known as alcohol infusions.  Basically, you infuse the taste of the fruit into the alcohol, giving a slight fruity sweet flavour to the bitter alcohol.  Think of Absolut Pear, Absolut Orange or Absolut Peppar … you get the idea.  Except that yours will be made fresher and is your very own in the  world.

Since it takes time to prepare your very own infusions, you need to plan ahead, weeks before the party. Preparing your own fruit-infused spirit takes time, yes, but the process is as easy as 1-2-3. Okay, it’s actually 1-2-3-4-5 since there are five steps involved in here.

First, you have to choose your liquor. You have a wide choice. You can opt for vodka, white rum, tequila, brandy or perhaps grappa, depending on your preference or what you think will make a hit with your guests.

Second step – choose your fruit.  You can actually use almost any fruit available (like that funky fruit in the picture up there – even we don’t know what it is), depending on what’s in season. You can have mangoes, watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, pineapples and so on.  As I’ve said, any fruit will do as long as they are ripe!

Third, prepare your fruits. You need to wash them well and get rid of all the parts that you won’t be needing such as the peelings, seeds, etc. Cut them into pieces, just make sure that their sizes fit the mouth of your jar.

The fourth step is bottling. Arrange your fruits in a clean, resealable glass jar  before pouring in your liquor. Screw on the lid and place in a cool, dry place. You can actually put it in the fridge for a week or maybe a month, depending on the strength of the fruit and your preferred taste.  Just make sure to give your jar one good, vigorous shake each day.  When you think that your homemade infusion tastes perfect already, strain out the fruit and pour the infused spirits in a clean, resealable jar. Keep it inside your fridge until the night of your party.

As for the fifth and last step? Enjoy them with your guests!

Making your own infusions is fun and all, but if you want to learn more about how to use your infusions expertly or make great tasting infusions, sign up for a Drinkdings Cocktail Workshop with your friends. Learn and imbibe – definitely a great combination in our book!


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