Shake your drinking woes away: Alcohology Cocktail App

Alcohology Cocktail App

Possibly the best cocktail app ever?

Want to learn new recipes? Always wondered what drinks you can make with your current stock of booze? Can’t decide what drink to make? Well, look no further. Alcohology from Protip Studios (for the Apple iPhone, iTouch and iPad) is here to solve those drink mixing woes.

When I first downloaded Alcohology, I was blown away with the ease of use of the app. It is intuitive and beautifully designed. And like any good Cocktail app, it comes with an easy to decipher Cocktail Recipe list, allowing you to search and filter for specific cocktails. But Alcohology’s true strength is informing you what you can mix up with what you have currently in your bar.

Choose what cocktail recipe you want to make

By simply listing your what alcohol, garnishes and mixers you have, the app displays  a ready list of drinks you can make with your current stock, listed in those easy to read recipes. For you alcoholics that have more then one bar stocked up, Alcohology allows you to input multiple bars, allowing you to know readily what you can mix at home and what you can shake up with your office mini bar. This is often one overlooked portion when wanting to make a cocktail and Alcohology allows you to skip the vexing, and start the mixing.

Set what you have in your alcohol bar

And when you can’t decide what drink to mix up, you can simply press the Random tab in the app and give your device a good shake. Depending on the filters you put in place (alcohol in your bar, locked alcohol types), the app will surprise you ala jackpot machine with a cocktail to try.

Shake up a random cocktail

Perhaps the only thing I would like being seen added to the app is maybe a shopping list of sorts that would remind me to stock up on specific alcohols. But that would be nitpicking on this already splendid app.

The best part is that the App is free! It was originally priced at $5.99, we have no idea when there will be a price tag on this awesome app again. So go and download it now! You really have no excuse.

(Disclaimer: We here at Cocktails Singapore have no affiliation with Alcohology. We just thought it would be a shame if we didn’t share a good thing 🙂 )

One Response to “Shake your drinking woes away: Alcohology Cocktail App”
  1. Laura Lenzi says:

    Can’t wait to use it! ; )~

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