Bar Review: 28 Hongkong Street

Checking Google maps, I made sure again that I was at the right location. No sign. No name. All I had as a clue was a number ’28’ fastened on the wall above, giving a hint that maybe, just maybe, the place I was looking for was hidden in location as plain as this. Luckily … Continue reading

Bartenders and fame

To some, bartending is not just a profession. It is a hobby. A passion. This could be the reason why more and more people are getting hooked on bartending nowadays. And even people who already made it big in their chosen field still practice bartending. They see it as a challenge. So, who are the … Continue reading

I Choose You!: Pokemon Cocktails anyone?

Have you ever seen a cocktail evolve? Well neither have we, until we stumbled upon this cool recipe by the Drunken Moogle. Inspired by the phenomenal video game Pokemon, whose creatures ‘evolve’ in-game, the guys over at the Drunken Moogle created a cocktail that does the same. Essentially the ‘Squirtle’ cocktail is the base of … Continue reading

The Perfect Pour: A Beer Pouring Primer

Although we focus on Cocktails, that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate other types of alcohol. Here’s some tips on our next favourite beverage, Beer. If you are a beer drinker, you would have experienced that dreaded moment when you realize that you have poured your beer a little too vigorously and you are going to … Continue reading

5 Easy Steps to Homemade Cocktail Infusions

Cocktail infusions are all the rage right now and what better that to impress your guests with your very own personalised concoction, that you cannot buy anywhere else in the world?  Cocktail infusions are essentially fruit-essence liquor, also known as alcohol infusions.  Basically, you infuse the taste of the fruit into the alcohol, giving a … Continue reading

Shake your drinking woes away: Alcohology Cocktail App

Want to learn new recipes? Always wondered what drinks you can make with your current stock of booze? Can’t decide what drink to make? Well, look no further. Alcohology from Protip Studios (for the Apple iPhone, iTouch and iPad) is here to solve those drink mixing woes. When I first downloaded Alcohology, I was blown … Continue reading

Cocktail Connoisseurs, you want this chart: Constitutions of Classic Cocktails

  Do you consider yourself a Cocktail Connoisseur? Well if you do, you might want to get this chart. Featuring 68 classic cocktails broken down to their individual components; spirits, mixers and garnishes, it makes for easy reference for any cocktail lover. The chart is ridiculously detailed (Click it and see for yourself!), containing over … Continue reading

Gross/Cool: The Alien Brain Hemorrhage Cocktail

We were browsing the Internet the other day when we came across this interesting/gross/out-of-this-world cocktail mix. Aptly named the Alien Brain Hemorrhage Cocktail (we don’t disagree), this cocktail is visually amazing to look at it. The way the different components of the cocktail mix to actually look like a ‘brain hemorrhage’ is pretty neat. No … Continue reading