Concocting Christmas Cheer!

As Singapore roars ahead to an end of an exciting year, Drinkdings pays tribute to our development as a nation, with the cocktail.  What other beverage would be so fitting to pay tribute to this young nation of burgeoning cosmopolitan lifestyles? In this post, we give you 3 exciting cocktails for the festive season.

The cocktail – an international drink of a million variations, an ubiquitous alcoholic beverage, yet unique enough to be written about, named and owned – defines countries, cultures, and lifestyles across the globe.  Singapore itself has branded one of its very own and weaved whole lives around it.  From the Long Bar at Raffles Hotel that serves the Singapore Sling as a signature drink, to the True Heritage Brew company which makes it its mission to propagate the consumption of the complex, gin-based sling around the world by bottling it for international sale, it seems that we can’t get enough of the cocktail.

Here are some cocktail recipes that our bartenders can whip up for you this festive season:

The MBFCC Cocktail

The MBFCC Cocktail


The Singaporean’s love for acronyms and the fact that this year marks the first Christmas that our new Marina Bay Financial Centre is celebrating its first Christmas (and lightup) gives birth to the MBFCC.

The MBFC Cocktail is served in 3 highball glasses that are laid over with a rectangular glass platter and brings the newest, most memorable icon of Singapore (move over, Merlion) to life at your party.  Each highball glass contains a light-coloured cocktail made from one of 3 popular white spirits.  To share or to indulge, the choice is yours!



  1. Set out 3 highball glasses in a row on a tray
  2. Fill the glasses to the top with ice
  3. Pour one shot (30ml) of Gin, Rum and Vodka into each of the glasses respectively (1 different alcohol per glass)
  4. Top up the first glass (the one with Gin) with Grapefruit Juice, the second with Pineapple Juice and the third with Orange Juice (90 ml each respectively)
  5. Add a dash of grenadine into all 3 glasses to create a swirl of red
  6. Set atop a glass platter on the 3 highball glasses
  7. Place 3 white straws on the glass platter, slices of lime and orange, lemon rinds, sugar and salt
  8. Serve the MBFCC

The Ginn and Tanic Cocktail

Gin and TANic

A twist on the popular G&T, this Singaporean cocktail celebrates the nation’s most-contested Presidential elections in decades, as well as the first time since independence that there have been 2 general elections in 1 year.  The Gin and TANic is made from 4 ingredients (instead of the usual 2) to represent the 4 Mr Tans were our President Elects this year.


  1. Fill a rock glass with ice
  2. Pour a shot of Gin in (30ml)
  3. Add Cranberry Juice (20ml)
  4. Add Triple Sec (20ml)
  5. Top with Tonic Water (20ml)
  6. Add straw and serve


The Circle

This cocktail marks the completion of the circle line in October 2011, benefitting 320,000 commuters by reducing travel time and relieving congestion from the downtown interchanges and main track lines.  As its name suggests, it is made up of all things round – circles of orange slices muddled with rings of pineapples – and forms an all-round welcome and refreshing.


  1. Use a boston glass
  2. Throw in 3 circles of orange slices and 3 rings of pineapple alternately into the glass
  3. Add Orange Juice (30ml)
  4. Add Pineapple Juice (15ml)
  5. Add Rum (30ml)
  6. Add crushed ice (half fill the boston glass)
  7. Use a bar spoon to mix up the ingredients
  8. Add more crushed ice (if necessary)
  9. Top with Soda Water (20ml)
  10. Add straw and serve

Of course, if you want to celebrate the festive season without spending too much time behind the bar, Drinkdings will be more then glad to help you whip up these concoctions. The ‘Singapore 2011 in Cocktails’ will be available for selection in the beverage list upon engagement of the Drinkdings Mobile Bar SolutionTM for office or house parties throughout December 2011 and January 2012.

Here is Cocktails Singapore wishing you a Merry Christmas and happy New Year!


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